The lighting industry is improving with efficiency and detail all the time.
Here at Greg Brown Electrical we are at the forefront of technology.
LED lighting is proven to slash lighting bills by up to 95% and reduce maintenance costs completely
As your local Electrician in Wigan I can advise you on what works best in your property.
Whether it is a decorative light you wish to achieve such as alcove or close wall effect to a more practical light such as a 600 x 600 grid light suited to an office.



Spot lights are a very popular and effective lighting design that works well in commercial and domestic premises, especially in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways.
As your local Electrician in Wigan we are here to advise you on what works best for you and your property.
Spot lights can be installed in a number of different arrangements - above are just a few examples.



In the commercial lighting sector, products and designs are extremely varied.
We can offer free advice over the phone or an on-site visit to see what meets your requirements and create a lighting plan for you.
Commercial lighting systems are changing rapidly with new products and designs becoming available.
We can create the right balance of energy efficiently and lighting quality output for your business.


For free advice to help with you lighting plans call 07596486044